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Wood dryers (drying kilns) catalogue (.PDF 4MB)
Wood dryers (drying kilns) catalogue (.PDF 4MB)

Catalogo Secadores de madera (.PDF 4MB)
ESP/ENG Catalogo secadores de madera / Wood dryers (drying kilns) catalogue (.PDF 4MB)

Katalog holztrockner Catalogue de sechoirs a bois (.PDF 4MB)
GER/FRA Katalog Holztrocknung / Catalogue de Séchoirs à bois (.PDF 5MB)

 Measurement & control equipment catalogue (.PDF 2.8MB)
Measurement & control equipment catalogue (.PDF 2.8MB)

Since 1990


 Automatic control unit used  for drying process control in conventional and dehumidifying wood dryers (kilns)
 (Obsolete! This model is no longer produced!)


(Obsolete! This model is no longer produced!)

Wood dryers:
Conventional kilns
Dehumidifying dryers
Mini (Low-cost) kilns (NKS)
Heat pumps
Additional equipment
Power electric switch board

Catalogues and manuals:
Wood dryer catalogue (.pdf 3.7MB)
NIGOS dryers (.pdf 956KB)
User manuals
Measurement&controll equipment catalogue (.pdf 2.8MB)

Automatic controllers for wood drying:
MC-411R, MC-412, MC-900R, MC-502R,
MC-600, MC-2000
Automation of existent conventional kilns

Archive (obsolete products no longer produced):
 (MC-100RM, MC-500R, MC-100R, MC-1000)

Wood MC meters:
Portable moisture meter RVD-904
Nondestructive moisture meter DVD-240

Control unit for steaming chambers PD-02
ISPM-15 wood pallet sterilization unit MKS-05


  • Used in conventional, dehumidifying and combined wood dryers
  • 2 cases (plastic for MC-1000 and Aluminum for MC-1000P)
  • Ideal for operation in systems with several drying chambers
  • Automatic, semiautomatic or manual control of drying process
  • PI, ON/OFF type of control
  • Drying of all types of wood regardless of the starting moisture content and thickness in range 20 to 80 mm
  • 12 invariable and 8 variable (user) drying regimes
  • Built in program for het treatment - sterilization according to ISPM-15 standard
  • Program control of fans speed
  • 2 inputs for air temperature and EMC measurement and wood MC measurement in 8 points
  • 4 control inputs for temperature measurement (incoming hot water temperature, evaporator section on the heat pump, etc...)
  • 4 digital inputs for fans and compressor operation control
  • 9 relay outputs
  • Data are received from measurement module MKM-08 via communication line (at distance up to 300m)
  • Code protection of parameters in 2 levels against unauthorized changing
  • 2 levels of irregular situation notification (warning and alarm)
  • Light and sound indication of alarm
  • Statistics
  • Real time clock
  • Data archiving every 2, 3, 4, 6 hours and whenever warning and alarm is reported
  • Communication standard RS-485
  • Can be connected to PC
MC-1000/MC-1000P automatic control unit for wood dryers is a device intended for drying process control in conventional (steam) dryers and dehumidifying dryers produced by “NIGOS – elektronik”. It is produced in 2 models. MC-1000 is fitted in plastic case suitable for wall mounting, while model MC-1000P is produced in aluminum housing which must be installed in electric board.

Model MC-1000P is panel version of the controller. It is delivered already installed in power electric switch board. User connects equipment in the chamber to appropriate clamps in the switch board.

MC-1000 set consist of 2 parts: automatic control unit MC-1000 and relay box RK-08 which are connected together, but if required, can be delivered and installed separately.

Cable glands for command and communication cables are fitted on bottom part of MC-1000.
Alarm, digital and analogue inputs and communication with PC, MKM-08 and RK-08 are connected to MC-1000.
Power supply and equipment in the chamber (fans, dampers, valves, compressor, etc...) are connected to RK-08A. Additional cable glands are installed when necessary.

Front cover of the controller is transparent and can be opened when controller adjustment is required.
Picture on the right shows connection of controller MC-1000 with MKM-08 and DS-04 boxes.

MC-1000 receives information about temperature and humidity from the measurement module MKM-08 via communication line. Temperature and Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) are measured at 2 measurement points and wood moisture content (MC) at 8 points. Measurement module MKM-08 receives these data from 2 measurement boxes DS-04, transforms them and then transfers the data to MC-1000 controller. Controller controls the drying process based on these data.

It can operate in automatic or semi-automatic mode, depending on settings made by user. When in automatic control mode, MC–1000 follows the chosen drying regime and achieves optimal drying conditions in the kiln automatically. Automatic control is carried out through the unit’s relay outputs. In semiautomatic control mode, user can set desired setpoints for air temperature and humidity, based on the personal experience, and the unit only maintains those values inside the kiln at the desired point.

The unit can be connected to a PC, which enables control of drying process from distance (from the office or suitable operating room).

Additional capability of the MC-1000 controller is manual control of the drying process. User can use switches and buttons, placed on the relay box RK-08A, for manual control of relay outputs. During this time the controller only displays the measured values.

In all other cases, the MC-1000 controls relay outputs automatically. All output adjustments are built-in, so the user has no influence on their operation during drying process. Most irregular situations that may occur are registered and resolved within the controller's program options. User intervention is required in certain situations that cannot be resolved by controller, or in case of unknown conditions.

Main feature which makes MC-1000 different than other controllers is built in program for thermal treatment of the wood, i.e.. wood sterilization according to ISPM-15 standard. Sterilization is a thermal process which is used to disinfect wood. Temperature of 56°C and above must be measured in timber core for 30 minutes for successful sterilization. Verification of the process is possible when measurement box MKM-08 is connected to MC-1000 and PC computer. Specially designed software for process surveillance and verification is used to verify and print report for each sterilization batch.

MC-1000 is delivered with following equipment (standard configuration):
  • Automatic control unit MC-1000/MC-1000P: 1 unit
  • Measurement box MKM-08: 1 unit
  • Measurement boxes DS-04 with built in temperature probes (Pt1000): 2 units
  • EMC paper holder which is mounted on DS-04 box: 2 units
  • EMC papers for 2 year drying: 1 set
  • Set of INOX wood probes (short and long for different boards): 1 set
  • Measurement cables (for DS-04 and MKM-08 connection)
  • Communication cable (for MKM-08 and MC-1000 connection)
  • Wood MC cables: 8m x 8 units 

On customer request additional equipment is delivered. This additional equipment can be: wood MC cables with lengths different than 8m, measurement box MKS-08 for wood thermal treatment (sterilization) according to ISPM-15 standard, RS485 to RS232 or USB adapters, software DryManage for drying or software Wood Thermal Treatment for sterilization process verification , etc...

Warranty for automatic controller MC-1000/MC-1000P is 5 years.

Technical characteristics are given in following tables:
 Main characteristics
  Power supply  220 Vac; 50Hz; 4VA max
 Number of digital inputs  4
 Number of analogue inputs  4 (Pt-100; T: -250 ÷ 200 °C;
 Number of outputs  9
 Communication lines  3
 Displays  LCD 16 rows x 21 character;
 LED three 3-digits  x 7 segment LED, green
 Operating conditions  T: 0 ÷ 50 °C; RH: 5 ÷ 90%
 Storage  T: - 40 ÷ 85 °C; RH: 5 ÷ 90%
 Dimensions (WxHxD)(mm)  MC-1000 (315 x 250 x 135) mm;
 MC-1000P (470 x 200 x 110) mm
 Weight  MC-1000: 2500g (without connection boxes);
 MC-1000P: 2000g (without connection boxes)

 Relay  Number of outputs  9
  Characteristics  3-pin; 8A / 250Vac, uninterrupted load 3A max
 Number of outputs and application  2 outputs for temperature control (heating valves)
 2 outputs for fans work and direction control
 2 outputs for humidity control (servo-controlled drying flaps)
 1 output for compressor
 1 output for spraying
 1 output for alarm

 Digital  Communication standard  RS 485
 Protocol  S - NIGOS
 Connection speed toward MKM-08  4800 ÷ 115200 bps
 Connection speed toward MKS-08  4800 ÷ 115200 bps
 Connection speed toward RK-08A  4800 ÷ 115200 bps
 Connection speed toward PC  4800 ÷ 115200 bps

Technical characteristics of communication module MKM-08 are given in following table:
Temperature input Number of inputs  2
 Range  -20 ÷ 110 °C; 10mV/°C
Relative humidity input Number of inputs  2
 Range  2.0 ÷ 30 % EMC (UGL)
Wood MC input Number of inputs  8
 Range  5 ÷ 160 %


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