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Wood dryers (drying kilns) catalogue (.PDF 4MB)
Wood dryers (drying kilns) catalogue (.PDF 4MB)

Catalogo Secadores de madera (.PDF 4MB)
ESP/ENG Catalogo secadores de madera / Wood dryers (drying kilns) catalogue (.PDF 4MB)

Katalog holztrockner Catalogue de sechoirs a bois (.PDF 4MB)
GER/FRA Katalog Holztrocknung / Catalogue de Séchoirs à bois (.PDF 5MB)

 Measurement & control equipment catalogue (.PDF 2.8MB)
Measurement & control equipment catalogue (.PDF 2.8MB)

Since 1990


"NIGOS-elektronik" is manufacturing company founded in 1990, and produces various equipment for measurement and control as well as drying kilns. We specialize in manufaturing automatic control units for wood dryers, heat treatment and steaming chambers as well as dehumidifying units (heat pumps) for dehumidifying kilns.

Over the years, our work was based on a research of customer's needs and market tendencies and has resulted in a wide variety of products. Our experts are always available for every customer. They provide all relevant information to help customer to decide which product to by, and later they provide all the support needed for installation and usage of a product.

Delivery is within 7 days, and every customer receives a warranty which is up to 5 years, depending on the device. During this warranty period, we provide service and any information needed to solve the problem.

This 5 year warranty commit us to permanent quality improvement, as well as compliance to ISO-9001:2008 standard.

Every day we are working to improve quality and reliability of our existent products and also we are developing new and improved ones. That is why we are present on the market for over 10 years, trying to be at your service all the time.  

Temperature measurement and control menu

Humidity measurement and control menu

Counters menu

Process indicators menu

Auxillary elements for automation menu

Power supply menu

Wood dryers menu

Temperature measurement and control

Main production line of "NIGOS-elektronik" is manufacture of analogue and microprocessor temperature controllers, programmers that control the temperature process according to given program, electronic thermostats, thermometers (portable and mounting), multi-zone temperature indicator, temperature indicators (gauges) and various types of temperature probes.

Analogue controller

Archive: TR-02, DTR-931, DTR-941

Microprocessor controller
Microprocessor controller series 1000 1011   1012
Microprocessor controller series 2000 2013   2023
Microprocessor controller series 3000 3013   3013/S

Microprocessor temperature programmer

Electronic thermostats
  ET-01/1P    ET-01/1T    ET-01/2P    ET-01/2T

Archive: ET-01/M3    ET-02/DIF

Multi - zone temperature indicator

Temperature indicator (temperature gauge)
1011i    MKS-05

Archive:   MKS-08

  DTM-921    DTM-902

Archive:  DTM-901

Temperature probes
  TS-01   TS-03   TS-04   TS-05   TS-06   TS-07   TS-08
Termopar   TSG-10    TSG-11   TSG-12
TSP-01    TSP-02    TSP-03    DTS-04


Humidity measurement and control

Aside temperature measurement and control "NIGOS-elektronik" also provide everything needed for humidity measurement and control. We can offer humidity/temperature controller, humidty/temperature programmer, humidity/temperature indicator and different probes.

Humidity / temperature controller

Humidity / temperature indicator
Archive: THC-Display

Humidity / temperature programmer
  Archive:  PVT-923P    PVT-925P

Humidity / temperature probes
  SVT-01P   DSVT-03

Archive:  SVT-01   SVT-02   SVT-03   SVT-04



Here you can find presettable counters that are made especially for counting different variables. We can offer you unit counter, tachometer, batch counter, universal counter that can adjust ratio of counted/actual pulses, length meters etc...

Series 991 - Counters with 1 output  
  MPC-991    (Preset counter)
MPC-991/D (Batch counter)
MPC-991/U (Universal counter with adjustable ratio)
MPC-991/O (Tachometer)
MPC-991/SR (Timer - Working hours counter)
Series 992 - Counters with 2 outputs  
  MPC-992/C    (Preset counter with 2 outputs)
MPC-992/VR  (Time relay with 2 outputs)
MPC-992/MT  (Time period counter / Tachometer)

Optoelectronic sensors
   Inductivity sensor 


Process indicators

High precision process indicators (gauges) are used for different measuring range (can be standard or custom made) and different indication such as current, voltage, or other process indications.

Process indicators
  VDC-901   VAC-901    ADC-901   AAC-901   PNM-901


Auxillary elements for automation

"NIGOS - elektronik" produce all auxiliary elements for automation: transmitters - used to convert temperature probe signals to standard current/voltage signals, auxiliary power supply and solid state relay.

  SP-02   SP-03   
Archive: SP-04

Galvanic separated transmiters
  Archive:   SPG-03   SPG-04

Auxillary power supply
  Auxiliary power supply

Solid state relay (SSR)
  Solid state relay (SSR)


Power supplies

We can offer you universal power supplies with different power output, industrial power supplies (AC/DC and DC/DC converters) with galvanic separated input and output, and reversible power supply for galvanization.

Universsal power supplies
  Archive: NL-3010   NL-1520   NL-3020   NL-1540

AC/DC and DC/DC convertors
  Archive: Industrial power supplies (AC/DC and DC/DC converters)

Reversible power supply
  Archive:  RI-15/100


Wood dryers

Newest "NIGOS-elektronik" production line is production of wood dryers. We started making modern dehumidifying and combined kilns, which are economic and provide best drying quality. Also, we can build you a new conventional kiln or if you already use one, we can repair and modernize it to improve drying quality and easiness of usage.

Our main export products are automatic controllers for wood dryers, dehumidifying units and moisture meters.

We can help you solve your problems using information and knowledge we own about wood drying technology.

We can also provide you with excellent portable wood moisture content meter for convenient wood moisture measurement in the field where no other equipment is available.

  WOOD DRYERS (general)

Dehumidifying and combined kilns
  Dehumidifying and combined kilns
Power electric switch board
Heat pumps
Additional equipment
Automatic control units:
MC-600, MC-904, MC-2000, MC-3000

Archive: MC-411, NIGOLUX-8, MC-900R, MC-1000

Conventional kilns
  Conventional kilns
Mini (Low-cost) kilns
Automation of existent conventional kilns
Power electric switch board
Additional equipment
MC-504, MC-600, MC-904, MC-2000, MC-3000

Archive: (MC-411, MC-412,MC-500R, MC-502R, MC-900, MC-100R, MC-100RM, MC-1000)

Wood moisture content meters (Wood MC meters)
  RVD-905 (Universal portable wood MC meter)
DVD-241 (Nondestructive (contact) wood MC meter)
MCD-50 (Nondestructive (contact) wood MC meter)

Archive: DVD-240 (Nondestructive wood MC meter)
RVD-903 (Portable wood MC meter)
RVD-904 (Portable wood MC meter)

Heat treatment program

Most common heat treatment of the wood is wood and pallete sterilization. Together with our Windows application "Heat treatment", HT unit MKS-05 is used to record and verify heat treatment process (sterilization) according to International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures  ISPM 15 given by Food and Agriculture Organisation - FAO.  
  MKS-05 (ISPM-15 wood pallet sterilization unit)

Archive: MKS-08 (ISPM-15 wood pallet sterilization unit)

Steaming chambers

Another type of wood heat treatment is wood steaming. NIGOS-elektronik offer equipment and automatic control units for direct and indirect steaming chambers. We can olso manufacture steaming chambers upon customers request.

  PD-01 (Control unit for steaming chambers)

Archive: PD-02 (Control unit for steaming chambers)


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