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Wood dryers (drying kilns) catalogue (.PDF 4MB)
Wood dryers (drying kilns) catalogue (.PDF 4MB)

Catalogo Secadores de madera (.PDF 4MB)
ESP/ENG Catalogo secadores de madera / Wood dryers (drying kilns) catalogue (.PDF 4MB)

Katalog holztrockner Catalogue de sechoirs a bois (.PDF 4MB)
GER/FRA Katalog Holztrocknung / Catalogue de Séchoirs à bois (.PDF 5MB)

 Measurement & control equipment catalogue (.PDF 2.8MB)
Measurement & control equipment catalogue (.PDF 2.8MB)

Since 1990



Dehumidifying wood dryer (kiln) scheme

  • Heat pump - the heart of a drying kiln
  • Completely automated
  • Drying of all types of wood regardless of the starting moisture content
  • Communication
  • Minimal energy consumption:
    100 - 250 kWh per m3 of timber for entire drying cycle
  • Installed power 1kW per m3 of timber
  • Maximal working temperature 60 °C
  • Exceptional quality of drying
  • Best quality of natural (untreated) wood
  • Environment friendly

Dehumidifying kiln scheme:
  1. Heat pump
  2. Drain pipe
  3. Openings for absorbing of cold and moist air from the chamber into the heat pump
  4. Openings for insufflating of warm and dry air from the heat pump into the chamber
  5. Humidifying system (atomizers)
  6. Heat exchanger (in combined kilns only)
  7. Flow fans
  8. Air exchange system (intake and exhaust flaps)
This model is no longer produced!)
Wood MC meters:
Portable moisture meter RVD-904
Nondestructive moisture meter DVD-240

Control unit for steaming chambers PD-02
ISPM-15 wood pallet sterilization unit MKS-05

Wood dryers:
Conventional kilns
Dehumidifying dryers
Mini (Low-cost) kilns (NKS)
Heat pumps
Additional equipment
Power electric switch board

Catalogues and manuals:
Wood dryer catalogue (.pdf 3.7MB)
NIGOS dryers (.pdf 956KB)
User manuals
Measurement&controll equipment catalogue (.pdf 2.8MB)

Automatic controllers for wood drying:
MC-411R, MC-412, MC-504,
MC-600, MC-904, MC-2000
Automation of existent conventional kilns

Archive (obsolete products no longer produced):
 (MC-100RM, MC-500R, MC-502R, MC-900R, MC-100R, MC-1000)


Dehumidifying kilns belong to newer wood drying technologies. These kilns are also called condensing wood dryers (drying kilns). Condensation of water (dehumidification) is used for separating moisture from wood, without external air exchange. Our kilns are completely automated, which means that with the equipment, user also receives a wood drying technology. Kiln can be constructed or assembled of aluminum bearing structure.

Most important part of a dehumidifying kiln is a heat pump. Air in the kiln passes through the load of timber and absorbs moisture from the wood. Part of that air circulates through the heat pump where the moisture is condensed and drained out of the chamber. Dried, reheated air comes back to kiln chamber. Energy consumption is minimal, since there is almost no inner/outer air exchange. Air circulation in these kilns is smaller than in conventional kilns while the electrical power of flow fans and heat pump equals approximately the power of flow fans in conventional kilns.

Automatic control unit especially designed in "NIGOS-elektronik" controls drying process.
Automatic control unit has built-in programs for drying of all wood types regardless of a starting wood moisture content. It controls drying process automatically, so the operator presence is not needed during drying.

User have an ability to connect up to 15 kilns to a single PC computer, and control the drying process from a distant place (office or some convenient room) up to 1000 m away.

Average energy consumption is approximately 30% - 60% of installed power, which is up to 1kW per m3 of timber (as shown in technical data tables below). If we monitor the whole drying cycle, energy consumption is about 100 - 200kWh per m3 for the whole drying cycle.
Larger energy consumption is only during first day during heating stage when electrical heaters are turned on until working temperature is reached. Later, during drying stage these heaters are rarely turn on.
If a boiler installation exists in the drying complex, it makes sense to mount heat exchangers for hot water or steam (depending on the boiler) in the kiln. In that case, energy from the boiler would be used for heating of the drying chamber. That way kiln becomes combined (automatically uses boiler heat). This option is interesting only for a large capacity kilns and in the cases where electrical power supply is unstable (large voltage or current oscillation or frequent power cut-downs during winter periods). Drying is in that case performed in conventional way, heat pump is turned-off, and electrical energy is used only for flow fans. Combined kiln unites good characteristics of both dehumidifying and conventional kiln. That provides the greatest drying quality with the least energy consumption for the shortest time.

Drying quality in dehumidifying kilns is significantly better than in any conventional kiln, because the drying is equable in whole timber load, so there is no danger of developing degrade in the timber (cracks, checks, warping...). drying is fast enough since the working temperature can reach up 60 0C to. These kilns are environment friendly because all wastes that are produced during drying process are harmless for water and environment.
Especially good results are achieved with drying of natural (untreated) wood (beech, ash,...).

"NIGOS - elektronik" gives its customers 1 year warranty for whole kiln and heat pumps, and 5 years for the automatic control unit.

  Approximate time of drying
 Type of
 Drying in days from 70% to 10% and from 40% to 10%
of wood moisture content for various timber thickness
25mm 38mm 50mm 70mm
from 70%
to 10%
from 40%
to 10%
from 70%
to 10%
from 40%
to 10%
from 70%
to 10%
from 40%
to 10%
from 70%
to 10%
from 40%
to 10%
 Oak 20 13 35 22 52 32 75 52
 Ash 15 10 25 15 38 24 60 42
 Beech 10 7 16 11 25 16 41 28
 Birch, poplar 6* 4* 11 8 14 10 21 14
 Pine, fir, juniper 6* 4* 9 7 12 9 18 13

Times marked with * can be achieved in combined kilns only.
Chamber drawing

Technical data
 Model Capacity
Flow fans
of chamber
NIGOLUX-12 8 - 15 1xTP-15 1.6 10 4 4.6x4.5x3.0
NIGOLUX-20 15 - 25 1xTP-25 3.0 18 8 4.6x6.2x3.8
NIGOLUX-30 25 - 35 1xTP-30 6.0 24 11 4.6x6.5x5.2
NIGOLUX-40 30 - 50 TP-15 + TP-25 9.0 36 16 6.8x7.0x5.2
NIGOLUX-60 50 - 70 2xTP-25 12.0 48 22 8.6x7.0x5.2
NIGOLUX-80 70 - 100 3xTP-25 13.5 70 32 8.6x8.2x5.2

Wood dryers   (.pdf 855KB)

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