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Wood dryers (drying kilns) catalogue (.PDF 4MB)
Wood dryers (drying kilns) catalogue (.PDF 4MB)

Catalogo Secadores de madera (.PDF 4MB)
ESP/ENG Catalogo secadores de madera / Wood dryers (drying kilns) catalogue (.PDF 4MB)

Katalog holztrockner Catalogue de sechoirs a bois (.PDF 4MB)
GER/FRA Katalog Holztrocknung / Catalogue de Séchoirs à bois (.PDF 5MB)

 Measurement & control equipment catalogue (.PDF 2.8MB)
Measurement & control equipment catalogue (.PDF 2.8MB)

Since 1990


 Automatic control unit used for drying process control in dehumidifying and combined wood dryers (kilns)

This model is no longer produced!)

Wood dryers:
Conventional kilns
Dehumidifying dryers
Mini (Low-cost) kilns (NKS)
Heat pumps
Additional equipment
Power electric switch board

Catalogues and manuals:
Wood dryer catalogue (.pdf 3.7MB)
NIGOS dryers (.pdf 956KB)
User manuals
Measurement&controll equipment catalogue (.pdf 2.8MB)

Automatic controllers for wood drying:
MC-411R, MC-412, MC-900R, MC-502R,
MC-600, MC-2000
Automation of existent conventional kilns

Archive (obsolete products no longer produced):
 (MC-100RM, MC-500R, MC-100R, MC-1000)

Wood MC meters:
Portable moisture meter RVD-904
Nondestructive moisture meter DVD-240

Control unit for steaming chambers PD-02
ISPM-15 wood pallet sterilization unit MKS-05

  • Used in dehumidifying and conventional dryers
  • Automatic control, semi-automatic control and control from a distance
  • ON/OFF type of control
  • Drying of all types of wood regardless of the starting moisture content
  • 12 invariable and 8 variable (user) drying regimes
  • 2 inputs for air temperature measurement
  • 2 inputs for EMC measurement
  • 1 control input
  • Wood moisture content measurement in 6 points
  • 8 relay outputs
  • Data recording every 3 hours (up to one month)
  • Alarm
  • Communication
MC-900 Automatic Control Unit for Wood dryers is a device that automatically controls drying process in dehumidifying and combined kilns mounted by "NIGOS-elektronik".  Device achieves optimal drying conditions in the chamber through air temperature and humidity control.

Automatic control unit can control drying process based on the data retrieved from a measurement probes in automatic, semiautomatic and remote (via PC computer) control mode. Air temperature and EMC are measured in 2 points, while wood moisture content is measured in 6 points.

In automatic control mode, user must enter type of wood, thickness, desired wood moisture content at the end of drying as well as whether he wants certain drying stages or not. Then, based on this values and measured values the device on its own  chooses appropriate drying program. Automatic control unit uses its relay outputs in order to control equipment installed in the kiln such as heaters, flow fans, heat pumps, atomizers (sprinklers) etc., and achieve optimal condition in the chamber.

In semiautomatic control mode, user can set desired setpoints for air temperature and humidity based on the personal experience, and the automatic control unit only maintain those values inside the kiln at the desired point.

Since MC - 900R has a built-in communication port, it can be connected to a PC computer, which enables control of a drying process from a distance (office or suitable operating room). Also, up to 15 kilns can be connected to a single PC.

LCD display show parameters and current stage of drying process, while LED displays are constantly showing air temperature, humidity and current/average wood moisture content.

During drying process some irregular (alarm) situations can occur. They are detected and displays show adequate warning. There are 2 types of alarm situations which are:
  • warnings - drying process continues, but error notification is shown
  • alarms - drying process is interrupted because an equipment malfunction is detected
All relevant data of a drying process are recorded in MC - 900R's internal memory. Data samples are taken every 3 hours. Internal memory can hold such data for a period of up to 1 month.

After a power failure has occurred, if the drying was already started, it will automatically continue starting from the measured wood moisture content upon power supply reconnection.

Technical data of a MC - 900R automatic control unit are given in the following tables:
 Main characteristics
   Power supply  220 Vac; 50/60Hz; 300mA
 Number of inputs  19
 Number of outputs  8
 Displays  4 - rows x 20 - characters LCD;
 tripled, 4 - digit x 7 - segment LED
 Operating conditions  T: 0 ÷ 50 °C; RH: 5 ÷ 90%
 Storage  T: - 40 ÷ 85 °C; RH: 5 ÷ 90%
 Dimensions (WxHxD)(mm)  250 x 115 x 135
 Mounting hole (WxH)(mm)  252 x 117
 Weight  1000g



 Number of inputs  2
 Range  0 ÷ 100 °C; 10mV /  °C


 Number of inputs  2
 Range  2.7 ÷ 30 % EMC (UGL)

Wood moisture
content inputs

 Number of inputs  6
 Range  5 ÷ 150 %

Control inputs
for temperature

 Number of inputs  1
 Range  -20 ÷ 200 °C; 10mV / °C

Digital inputs

 Number of inputs  8
 Relay  Number of inputs  8
 Characteristics  3-pin; 8A / 250 Vac, uninterupted load 3A max
 Number of outputs and
 1 output for electrical heating
 1 output for water heating
 2 outputs for flow fans control
 1 output for drying
 1 output for cooling
 1 output for humidifying
 1 alarm output
 Digital  Communication standard  EIA 485
 Protocol  S-NIGOS

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