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Wood dryers (drying kilns) catalogue (.PDF 4MB)
Wood dryers (drying kilns) catalogue (.PDF 4MB)

 Measurement & control equipment catalogue (.PDF 2.8MB)
Measurement & control equipment catalogue (.PDF 2.8MB)

Since 1990



NIGOS-elektronik is manufacturer of all additional equipment for wood dryers beside electronic equipment for measurement and control of the ambient conditions in the kiln. That way, our customers get everything they need to start drying the wood imidiatelly. This equipment is mainly manufactured and assambled by "NIGOS", or in some cases parts are purchased from the world leading manufacturers and then assembled by "NIGOS". "NIGOS" gives its customers 1 year warrenty for entire kiln and kiln's equipment and 5 years warrenty for automatic control units used in it.
Equipment manufacturing and assembly

Kiln chamber can be constructed of concrete or bricks by user, or assembled of aluminium bearing structure provided by "NIGOS". The walls and the roof, as well as the kiln doors are made of insulated aluminium coated panels with foamed polyuretane. Rubber gaskets are put on the both side of the doorframe to ensure the total sealing. The main door can be winging or sliding with special mechanism for opening and closing. Every kiln is provided with an inspection door. Aluminium bearing structure 

Air circulation is provided by flow fans placed under the ceiling. Flow fans are mounted on the aluminium "L" bearing structure, while the empty spaces between them are closed with aluminium plates. Axial fans with aluminium structure are used. Propelers are made of polyamid and strenghtened with glass-fibre. Engine is tropicalized (resistent to increased humidity and temperature). Fans can be mono-directional or bi-directional (reversible), depending on the type of dryer. Air circulation - Flow fans

Air exchange system in the dryers with mono-directional air circulation consist of flaps with fans and automated shades. In dryers with bi-directional air exchange servo-controled dampers (flaps) are used. In both cases dampers are made of aluminium plates and can provide a homogeneous air exchange.  Air exchange system - damper 

Heat recovery units can be mounted on conventional wood dryers (kilns). Great impact on environment preservation is possible with minimum investments. These HR units can save more than 30% of heating energy (and consequenly fuel for boiler), reduce drying time and improve quality of drying. Heat recovery units are installed on the back of the kiln instead of standard air exchange system with dampers.  Heat recovery units 

Production of cold steam (spraying) using high presure provide quality moisturizing of a timber during drying process. Humidifying system consist of water pump, filter, valve and sprinklers. Humidifying system Spraying - Cold mist production

Bimetalic heat exchangers are made of quality stainless steel  (INOX) finned tubes. Finning is made of aluminium fins. This ensures good heat transfer and long exploatation in harsh conditions inside drying chamber. Working medium can be hot water or steam. Bimetalic heat exchanger 

Stainless steel electrodes (wood MC probes) fitted in wood constantly measure wood moisture content (MC), while precise probes that do not need special maintenance during drying process measure temperature and equilibrium moisture content (EMC). Automatic control units use this measured values to control drying process. Connection box DS-04 Wood MC Temperature EMC 
Wood dryers:
Conventional kilns
Dehumidifying dryers
Mini (Low-cost) kilns (NKS)
Heat pumps
Additional equipment
Power electric switch board

Catalogues and manuals:
Wood dryer catalogue (.pdf 3.7MB)
NIGOS dryers (.pdf 956KB)
User manuals
Measurement&controll equipment catalogue (.pdf 2.8MB)

Automatic controllers for wood drying:
MC-411R, MC-412, MC-504, MC-600,
MC-904, MC-2000
Automation of existent conventional kilns

Archive (obsolete products no longer produced):
 (MC-100RM, MC-100R, MC-500R, MC-502R, MC-900R, MC-1000)

Wood MC meters:
Portable moisture meter RVD-904
Nondestructive moisture meter DVD-241
Nondestructive moisture meter MCD-50

Control unit for steaming chambers PD-02
ISPM-15 wood pallet sterilization unit MKS-05


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